StateSync Hedge Testnet


SnapShot Testnet - updated every 5 hours


Useful Tools

🔥EXPLORER-T🔥: https://explorer.stavr.tech/Hedge-Testnet Indexer "ON" 🔥API-T🔥: https://hedge.api.t.stavr.tech

  • Addrbook-T

wget -O $HOME/.hedge/config/addrbook.json "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/111STAVR111/props/main/Hedge/addrbook.json"
  • Genesis-T

curl -s "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/111STAVR111/props/main/Hedge/genesis.json" > ~/.hedge/config/genesis.json
  • Auto_install_script-T

wget -O hedget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/111STAVR111/props/main/Hedge/hedget && chmod +x hedget && ./hedget

RPC Scanning

We scan nodes in real time every 4 hours. And we provide the final result of RPC endpoints. We cannot influence the operation of these nodes in any way.

If Voting Power is higher than 0 --> then the Node is a validator of the network and may be subject to attack and be a potential threat to the chain.
We marked such validators with a red symbol

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