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The STAVR team has been working on blockchain security and verification since 2020(in the crypto industry since 2017). We are trusted by over 5,400 delegates and securing more than 16M$ in user funds across of projects based on blockchains such as Cosmos Solana Polkadot Etherium and several unique proprietary blockchains.

Our team offers professional node operation with a focus on safety and reliability, low commissions, best uptime and 24/7 customer support. Active participant in all projects we validate, IBC repeater and network service provider since 2022.

We currently support over 115 networks, of which 75 are on the mainnets (You can view a non-exhaustive list by following this link -> https://monitoring.stavr.tech ) The full list can be seen on our site/github https://github.com/111stavr111

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Total assets staked

16 000 000$

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