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Are you wondering how to add your logo to the explorer? This short guide was made specifically to make this question a thing of the past.

Keybase is a safe, secure, and private app for everything you do online. Chat with friends and family. Share photos, videos, and top secret documents. Collaborate to get work done, or don’t. Whatever you do, your data is your data. Private stuff stays private. Accounts are secure against spoofing, phishing, and scamming. You can chat, share, and collaborate safely. Learn more in Keybase Book. Like Keybase, Keybase Book is open source. If you see something that needs improvement, create a new pull request or a new issue on GitHub.

Let's take a few simple steps step by step.

  • Let's visit the site itself - https://keybase.io/

  • Click Login in the upper right corner and then Join Keybase

  • Filling out the fields

  • Add the logo that we want to see in the future

  • Next we are interested in . We need to create it

  • Congratulations - your Key has been created, now you need to copy it and send it to complete the last step

  • We use the command to edit our validator. (For example)

osmosisd tx staking edit-validator \
  --identity="07C73CC21B1B5EBB" \
  --from=WALLET_Name \
  --chain-id osmosis-1 -y

Now after a couple of minutes - your logo will be displayed in Explorer

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