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STRD is the governance token of the Stride blockchain, functioning as a pivotal component of its decision-making structure. Holders of STRD have the ability to stake their tokens, earning rewards composed of both STRD and rewards derived from liquid staked tokens. This token lets users to participate actively in on-chain governance processes, including voting on matters such as validator selection and chain upgrades.

Its core functions remain intact as Stride adopts Interchain Security (ICS). STRD holders can continue staking their tokens to receive rewards, a combination of both STRD and rewards derived from liquid staked tokens. This allows them to actively engage in on-chain decisions and voting processes, influencing choices like validator selection and upgrades.

To ensure sustainability, the emission of STRD as staking rewards was decreased in half from the original tokenomics. A portion of staking rewards, 15%, is shared with the Cosmos Hub, fostering collaboration between the two ecosystems. The STRD token remains essential, serving as a pillar of governance influence and staking opportunities within Stride's evolving landscape.

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