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A Cosmos SDK-based layer-1 blockchain utilizing its own native utility token (SGE token). The SGE Network leverages the modular components, blockchain interoperability and minimal gas fees of the Cosmos-based design to support applications at the intersection of blockchain, sports, gaming and entertainment that are pioneering novel ways of engaging users with a UX, value proposition and utility never before seen in the space. On the blockchain layer several custom made cosmos modules were created to support necessary function for a betting application, specifically: A custom module that will allow you to make a smart contract based bet with a token that is locked, and a second custom module that allows you to move a locked token. On the application layer currently, found at is a smart contract based betting platform, that allows user to decide to either make a bet using SGE token on current sporting events, or decide to use their SGE to backstop the liquidity needed to be the house. Odds for any particular event are deciminated on the application layer via several apis, and various bet types for each event are shown. Effectively the Sports Game and Entertainment network (SGE) is the block chain layer of the dApp called Six Sigma Sports, a decentralized sports betting application who’s novel approach opens up the economics of the sportsbook for the retail user.

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