📚Useful commands📚



cantod status 2>&1 | jq .NodeInfo
cantod status 2>&1 | jq .SyncInfo
cantod status 2>&1 | jq .ValidatorInfo

Check node logs

sudo journalctl -fu cantod -o cat

Check service status

sudo systemctl status cantod 

Restart service

sudo systemctl restart cantod 

Stop service

sudo systemctl stop cantod 

Start service

sudo systemctl start cantod 


sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl disable cantod 
sudo systemctl enable cantod 

Your Peer

echo $(cantod tendermint show-node-id)'@'$(wget -qO- eth0.me)':'$(cat $HOME/.cantod/config/config.toml | sed -n '/Address to listen for incoming connection/{n;p;}' | sed 's/.*://; s/".*//')

🥅Working with keys

New Key or Recover Key

cantod keys add Wallet_Name
cantod keys add Wallet_Name --recover

Check all keys

cantod keys list

Check Balance

cantod query bank balances canto...addressjkl1yjgn7z09ua9vms259j

Delete Key

cantod keys delete Wallet_Name

Export Key

cantod keys export wallet

Import Key

cantod keys import wallet wallet.backup

🚀Validator Management

Edit Validator

cantod tx staking edit-validator \
--new-moniker "Your_Moniker" \
--identity "Keybase_ID" \
--details "Your_Description" \
--website "Your_Website" \
--security-contact "Your_Email" \
--chain-id canto_7700-1 \
--commission-rate 0.05 \
--from Wallet_Name \
--gas 350000 \
--fees 7000acanto -y

Your Valoper-Address

cantod keys show Wallet_Name --bech val

Your Valcons-Address

cantod tendermint show-address

Your Validator-Info

cantod query staking validator cantovaloperaddress......

Jail Info

cantod query slashing signing-info $(cantod tendermint show-validator)


cantod tx slashing unjail --from Wallet_name --chain-id canto_7700-1 --gas 350000 --fees 1000000"acanto" -y

📡IBC transfer

  • for exapmle - Canto -> Osmosis

cantod tx ibc-transfer transfer transfer channel-2 Your_OSMOaddress............ "100000"acanto --from Your_Canto_Wallet_Name ---gas 350000 --fees "7000"acanto --chain-id=canto_7700-1 -y

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